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20 May 2010 @ 09:35 pm
i'm on my way to the promise land  

"Bad Reputation"

I hate that everyone on this show is obsessed with their reputation and image - I thought that the point of the Glee club was to kind of not care about all that: it was the place for misfits to just be themselves. Well apparently not. I mean, not everyone is obsessed, but majority are. Rachel's lethal, Puck's all bad-boy thing is hot, but.. still. He tries hard to maintain that. Finn's kind of fallen out of it all. Quinn is still mourning the loss of her cheerio/top bitch status. Mercedes and Kurt... I don't even know anymore. I just wish they were more comfortable in their own skin.

The "Physical" video of Sue dancing at the start, the one that got leaked, was hilarious hahahaha. I felt kinda sorry for her, since she wasn't used to such humiliation, and it always gets to me when she goes to her sister Jean. I find them so adorable. Sue is such a different person with her. Olivia Newton John's debut was so random/strange. Australian accents are weird.

PUCK NEEDS MORE SONGS. Fuck, I always get so angry when he sings a bit then nothing else. But I loved his debut in "Run, Joey, Run" - he's such a good singer. Also, I need to say this: I am sick of Rachel dominating every single song. I think she has a good voice, but she doesn't have to sing every song! Everyone there has an amazing voice, but Rachel always takes the lead. Tina and Artie and Kurt &c should have more solos.

Also, I didn't realise until this episode how much I kind of do like Jessie being with Rachel. Actually, I really just like Jessie in general. He doesn't seem obsessed with his reputation, thankfully, he seems to like Rachel (hard thing to do) and he has an amazing voice. I loved "Total Eclipse of the Heart."
jamais vudesperatelyreal on May 21st, 2010 12:09 am (UTC)
puck & mercedes do a song in the next episode. it's kind of amazing. i like jesse being with rachel too! even though she and finn are meant to be. i hope that actually happens. watching him fight for her is wonderful :D i ♥ kurt the mostest though.